ASP.NET (C#) API Development Kit

Version : 2.3

Version 2.3:

  • inWebo API functions now using v2 API

Version 2.2:

  • Updated provisioning WSDL file

Version 2.1:

  • Functions loginGetCodeFromLink and loginGetInfoFromLink added

Version 2.0.1:

  • Includes a complete Visual Studio solution featuring a mini web site developed in ASP.NET C#
  • Includes Push and sealing features

Development Kit for In-Webo Web Services API implementation in ASP.NET C#.

The package features:

  • Resources to connect with InWebo Web Services API (wsdl files)
  • Codes samples in C# ASP.NET illustrating common InWebo Web Services usages

This content is released under the MIT License (

Web Services API User Guide