Librairie mAccess pour Java

Version : 2.8.3

InWebo mAccess library for Java implementation

  • 2.8.3: Lib mAccess version 0.2.11 - Correction d'un bug affectant la récupération du contexte envoyé avec une notification
  • 2.8.2: Lib mAccess version 0.2.11 - Possible to retrieve a context sent during an API call to pushAuthenticate
  • 2.8.1: Fixed an issue in inWebo mAccess library
  • 2.8.0: Added Biometric based authentication functions - Lib mAccess version 0.2.8 
  • 2.7.1: Added handling of activation without PIN definition and recovery of pending push notifications
  • 2.6.1: Fixed an issue with using the reset function when the device is not locked ('Forgot Password' function)
  • 2.6.0: Support for transaction Sealing


Manuel utilisateur mAccess